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History & Cultural Perspectives

This trip fully immerses college students in the culture, history, society, and economy of China. The experience is designed to expose students to China's rich diversity and dynamic vibrancy – traits largely unknown to most Americans.

We travel from rich coastal areas to poor interior zones, study the clash of traditions with the fast-paced race to modernize, witness explosive capitalism under the watchful gaze of the Communist Party, and experience the dizzying shift from extreme urbanization to sleepy rural villages.

Program Highlights:

  • Crisscross the country with Professors Nevan Fisher and Yuanting Zhao, specialists in China's history and performing arts.
  • The program follows a grand circuit across China's vast expanse, including the mega-cities of Beijing, Shanghai, and Xi'an, as well as the remote mountains of Hunan Province in the central southwest and the rice fields and karst topography of the far south.
  • See firsthand the dramatic natural landscape featured so prominently in traditional Chinese paintings and in contemporary American cinema.

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At A Glance

Semester: Summer A

Featured Majors: History, Chinese, International Studies, Asian Studies

Program Level: Undergraduate

Language Requirement: None

Program Directors

Nevan Fisher

Nevan Fisher

Associate Vice President for Global Programs and Executive Director of the Center for International Education in Center for International Education
Associate Professor of History in History & Political Science
Golisano Academic Center 119A
Yuanting Zhao

Yuanting Zhao

Professor of Theatre Arts / Costume Design / Chairperson in Theatre and Dance
Arts Center 20