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Crossing Borders of Language & Culture for Healthcare

This program takes students from the classroom at Nazareth College to indigenous communities in the Sacred Valley of rural Peru. Students will learn health care Spanish, gain cultural competence by working with the disadvantaged Quechua/Spanish population who live in the isolated High Andes, and acquire an international perspective of global health.

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This program is made possible in part by a grant of $78,321 from the U.S. Department of Education's Undergraduate International Studies and Foreign Languages program, which provides 49% of the total annual cost. The remaining costs are paid by Nazareth College and students.

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    At A Glance

    Semester: Summer A

    Featured Majors: Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Music Therapy, Creative Arts Therapy, Nursing, and Communication Sciences and Disorders

    Program Level: Undergraduate

    Language Requirement: Yes

    Program Director

    Esperanza V. Roncero

    Esperanza V. Roncero

    Professor of Spanish in Foreign Languages & Literature
    Golisano Academic Center 359
    Student Blog
    June 24th
    Tipón During our trip to Tipón we were accompanied by a friend of Esperanza’s, Justo, who works as a biologist and specializes in the plant life of the Andes. He is an extremely intelligent and thoughtful man. He was not very talkative…
    June 24th
    Celebration of PentecostToday I awoke to the sound of music of the festival and it reminded me of the celebrations of Las Fallas during my time abroad in Spain. All of the town was alive with energy and the plaza was full of people from Ollantaytambo as w…
    June 24th
    The Tiniest ActionsEvery action has a reaction, whether we do something large or small it will have an effect on somebody or something else. During our time in Peru we had the honor of working with Kiya Survivors Therapy Center. Through a group effort fun…
    June 24th
    SalinerasSalt is something we often don’t think about. It is something that you can find at any restaurant, on the dinner table, or after a long day swimming in the ocean you can often taste it on your lips. It isn’t a particularly complicated…
    June 24th
    Huilloc: Mira Llamas!Three days of our final week in Peru were spent in a little village hidden among the mountains called Huilloc. Three days of hard work, cold, and transformative moments. The world of Huilloc is so different from the life I live back i…