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Spain (Women's Soccer)

The women's soccer team organizes an international program for their team every four years. While the destination may change from year to year, the premise of the trip is the same: To develop the team's soccer skills by practicing, training, and learning from European athletes, and increasing connections and teamwork amongst teammates and coaches. Not only does the women's soccer team practice their sport while abroad, but they also participate in guided tours that give a glimpse into the culture, food, architecture, and history of their destination. During the 2022 spring break week, the team traveled Spain and toured both Madrid and Barcelona.

Reflections from Abroad:

Reflecting on her experience abroad, Kristen Prohaska '22, who is majoring in physical therapy and has minors in psychology and bioethics, wrote "This trip helped me become more well rounded as a person. In terms of soccer, I got to see different ways of playing the game, and gained a new respect for the possession style of play more common in Europe. But most importantly, I think I will take away a new empathy and awareness for cultural differences which will help me build relationships both in soccer and my future profession as a PT."

Women's Soccer Team in Spain:

    Views from Abroad: