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This page provides live transmission of performances by large student ensembles and guest recitals from Nazareth College's Wilmot Hall in the Arts Center and from Beston Hall in the Glazer Music Performance Center.

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Programs 2021
Apr. 13: Studio Recital: Trumpet (Wilmot Hall)
Apr. 15: Studio Recital: Voice (Wilmot Hall)
Apr. 16: Studio Recital: Voice (Wilmot Hall)
              Studio Recital: Piano (Wilmot Hall)
Apr. 17: Senior Recital: Madison Grimaldi, voice; Elyse Began, flute (Wilmot Hall)
             Senior Recital: Josh Rowlinson (Wilmot Hall)
             Senior Honors Lecture Recital: Favor Chujor (Wilmot Hall)             
Apr. 18: Faculty Recital: Wilmot Wind Quintet (Beston Hall)
              Senior Recital: Kyla Leno, trumpet (Wilmot Hall)
              Senior Recital: Hunter Drake (Wilmot Hall)   

Archived Recordings
Mar. 5, 2021: Symphonic Band and Wind Symphonypdf


Wilmot Recital Hall

Beston Hall