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  • Video/photography

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About Our Label

  • Who we serve: We are dedicated to producing quality music recordings from students, faculty, and alumni; as well as music from community artists and musicians.
  • Providing student experiences: We aim to give our students valuable experience being part of a production team. Through our guidance and hands-on experience in our on-campus recording studio, we allow students to not only learn about production and engineering, but to also live through the process of creating astounding music.
  • Producing great music: Based at Nazareth College, we strive to produce music for our campus community, local community, and the larger public. We seek to foster artistic growth, and make constructive contributions to the music world.

Artist Spotlight


Baker Street

Nazareth students and alums make up Baker Street, which describes itself as a funky jam band with some rock and blues influences.

  • On Facebook: Baker Street Music
  • On Instagram: @BakerStreetMusic
How Naz Recordz Came to Be
naz recordz

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2020-21 Club Leaders

President: Jacob Curley

V.P.: Nick Lenhard

Content Manager: Darren Valdera

Secretary: Donald Conan