Student Engagement & Leadership

Requesting UA Funds

There are three types of funding available from the student government:

  • social, recreational, educational, and cultural trips and activities that are open to and benefit all undergraduate students
  • conferences that support students' career exploration
  • diversity and inclusion activities, events, conferences

How do I know which form to utilize?

What Is Being ProposedForm to UtilizeForm Recipient
Activity, event, or trip that is not part of a course and that students are not required to attend; must be open to all undergraduate students

Senate Proposal

Trip Supplementary Expense Form (if applicable)

Conference Conference Request Finance Committee
Activity, event, or conference that focuses on diversity and inclusion (may submit this proposal in addition to one of the above options) Diversity Council Funding Request Diversity Council

*Diversity Council funding requests are due at least three weeks before the event/activity.*

Fall 2021 Senate Deadlines & Meeting Dates

Proposals Due Meeting Date
 September 15 September 24
 October 6 October 15
 October 27 November 5
 November 10 November 19

Fall 2021 Finance Committee Deadlines & Meeting Dates

Proposals Due Meeting Date
 September 22 October 1
 October 13 October 22
 November 3 November 12
 November 24 December 3

Proposal Signature Requirements

All Senate proposals for funding must be accompanied by a petition signed by members of the UA.

Up to $10,000 25 Signatures Per $1,000 Requested
$10,000 - $20,000 350 Signatures
$20,000 + 500 Signatures

If funds requested fall between two different thousand markers, the group should round up to determine the number of signatures required (ex. $2,100 = 75 signatures). 

The signatures requirement has been waived for the 2020-2021 academic year due to safety protocols and our desire to reduce person-to-person contact.

What constitutes a conference?

For an activity to be considered a conference, it must meet all four components listed below:

  1. official registration (not necessarily with a cost)
  2. networking opportunities between professionals and students
  3. learning/educational component (could including presenting)
  4. connection to students' professional pathways/goals

Philosophy of Funding

Read more about the UA's Philosophy of Funding before submitting your funding propoosal.