Student Activities & Leadership

Club Handbook

Key Tasks

Timeline: Important dates for UA Clubs

Mid-year officer changes: Club Officer Transition Form

Meeting space: To reserve the Senate Office, email

Table of Contents

Advisors' Role
App: Promoting your events
Campus Activities Board
Club Rosters
Club Storage Closet
Conference Funding Proposals
Copying, Clothing Orders, Imprinted Items
Copyrighted Material
Diversity Council and Inclusive Programming
Elections Timeline
Ethics/Code of Conduct
Finance Committee
Financial Policies
Guidelines for Posting
Learning Outcomes
Maintaining UA Organizational Status
Meeting Minutes
Nazareth College Statement of Respect and Diversity
Notice of Non-Discrimination
Office of Student Activities and Leadership
Officer Transition
Otto A. Shults Community Center Policies and Procedures
Professional Communication
Required Trainings
Reserving Spaces
Risk Management/Liability
Selecting Your Advisor
Submitting a Senate Proposal
UA Office Materials and Equipment for Use
Undergraduate Association Executive Board
Van Reservation and Travel
Violations of Policy/Unethical Behavior

Advisor FAQs

What is the time commitment for serving as an advisor?
How many organizations can I advise at one time?
How long can I serve as an advisor?
Is there training and support for student organization advisors?
What is my liability for serving as a student organization's advisor?