Student Activities & Leadership

Student Organization Handbook

Introduction and Purpose

This handbook is meant to serve as a resource for Undergraduate Association student organizations as they fulfill their mission and plan and implement programs.  It outlines important information, policies, and expectations and helps to improve the line of communication between student organizations, the Office of Student Activities, and the Undergraduate Association.  If any of the material in the handbook is unclear or your organization has questions, please reach out to us.  We are happy to provide assistance, support, and guidance to your student organization.

Table of Contents

Adding Events to the Events Calendar
Advisor Role
Campus Activities Board
Club Rosters
Club Storage Closet
Conference Funding Proposal
Copying, Clothing Orders, Imprinted Items
Copyrighted Material
Diversity Council and Inclusive Programming
Elections Timeline
Ethics/Code of Conduct
Finance Committee
Financial Policies
Guidelines for Posting
Learning Outcomes
Maintaining UA Organizational Status
Meeting Minutes
Nazareth College Statement of Respect and Diversity
Office of Student Activities
Officer Transition
Otto A. Shults Community Center Policies and Procedures
Poster Printer
Professional Communication
Requesting a Line Change
Required Trainings
Reserving Spaces
Risk Management/Liability
Selecting Your Advisor
Steering Committee
Submitting a Senate Proposal
UA Office Materials and Equipment for Use
Undergraduate Association Executive Board
Van Reservation and Travel
Violations of Policy/Unethical Behavior

Advisor FAQs

What is the time commitment for serving as an advisor?
How many organizations can I advise at one time?
How long can I serve as an advisor?
Is there training and support for student organization advisors?
What is my liability for serving as a student organization's advisor?