Student Activities & Leadership


Materials Due Noon on October 11.

Running for a Position

  • Check to make sure you're eligible to run.
  • Attend an elections information meeting. 
    • At this meeting, you'll learn more about the Constitutional requirements for running, the roles and responsibilities of your position, and how to put together your campaign materials.
  • Write your Statement of Purpose.
    • This is a chance for you to tell voters who you are and why you want to run for office. It should be no more than two paragraphs in length as it will be put under your picture in the online elections. Please draft your document with that in mind.
  • Collect required number of signatures using UA Petition Form.
      • Executive Board - 100 signatures from general undergraduate student body
      • Class Officers - 50 signatures from members of their class
      • RHC Senator - 50 signatures from resident students
      • NCA Senator - 50 signatures from commuter students
      • Diversity Initiatives Senator - 50 signatures from general undergraduate student body
  • Complete the Candidate Registration Form.

Information Meetings

  • September 30 | 7-7:30pm | Porthole Lounge
  • October 1 | 12-12:30pm | Diversity Resource Center and 12:30-1pm | Porthole Lounge
  • October 2 | 3-3:30pm | Porthole Lounge and 3:30-4pm | Diversity Resource Center

If you're unable to attend any of the meetings listed above email Sarah Dupre, UA VP of Executive Operations, at

Online Elections (October 16)

More information about voting will be sent to undergraduate students as the date nears.

Vacant Positions

UA Executive Board - VP of Finance, VP of Public Relations

Nazareth Commuter Association - President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Senator (2)

Class of 2020 - Senator (2)

Class of 2021 - Treasurer, Senator (3)

Class of 2023 - President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Senator (3)

Diversity Initiatives Senator (2)