Student Activities & Leadership


Meet the Executive Board

Elizabeth Ike, President of UA at Nazareth College

Elizabeth Ike - President

As President, I represent Nazareth’s student body as well as create a vision for the UA and work with clubs and organizations to stay on track to reach their goals. I chair the Student Affairs Committee, which provides an opportunity for both resident and commuter students to voice concerns including, but not limited to, food, health services, and security.

Kyla Marie Partridge VP of UA at Nazareth College

Kyla Marie Partridge- VP of Executive Operations

As VP of Executive Operations, I am in service to the Undergraduate Legislative Body (the Senate) and Student Clubs so that they function effectively and constructively. I chair the Elections Committee, which publicizes and conducts all UA elections (held both in the Spring and Fall).

Halle Cook, VP of Finance Nazareth College UA

Halle Cook- VP of Finance

As VP of Finance, I assist clubs with their budgets to make sure they are being used effectively. I also chair the Finance Committee, which allocates funding for conferences for members of the UA. The committee also helps clubs re-allocate their money if needed.

Christian Bryant, VP of Campus Programming at UA Nazareth College

Christian Bryant- VP of Campus Programming

As VP of Campus Programming, I oversee the Campus Activities Board, which is responsible for the scheduling and implementation of campus-wide events, programs, and activities.

Cameron Johnson, VP of Communications Nazareth College UA

Cameron Johnson - VP of Communications

As VP of Communications, I help clubs maintain a strong presence by being the keeper of information, including officer information and minutes. I promote campus-wide events that are funded by the UA through email, flyers, and the Student Activities Facebook page. I chair the Community Service Committee, which provides opportunities for students to engage in the Rochester Community through activities like the Breast Cancer Walk.

Nike Oyelola - VP of Diversity Initiatives

Nike Oyelola - VP of Diversity Initiatives

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