The Senate is the governing body of the Undergraduate Association.  In addition to the UA President, VP of Executive Operations, VP of Finance, and VP of Public Relations, it is made up of senators that represent the different interests and populations on campus.

  • 2 senators from each Class
  • 2 commuter experience senators
  • 2 residential experience senators
  • 2 diversity initiatives senators
  • 2 student-athlete senators
  • 2 transfer experience senators

Together, the group works to support individuals who want to create new clubs, reviews and approves constitutions, and provides student organizations with additional funding for trips and large events.  Through Finance Committee, the Senate provides funding for conferences.

Most importantly, the Senate is a venue for students to be heard and campus-wide issues to be addressed. Each senator is charged with acting as a liaison between their constituents and the Senate to make sure the Undergraduate Association is acting on behalf of the student body and its needs.

Senator Representation

Class of 2024
Class of 2025
Class of 2026
Class of 2027
Diversity Initiatives
Residential Students
Commuter Students
Transfer Students

Petition the UA

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