Academic Advisement

First-Year Fall Course Selection

Incoming first-year students:

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  • If you paid your deposit by May 1, the survey is due by May 15. If you paid your deposit after May 8, the survey is due one week after you deposited.
  • August 3, when your fall schedule is complete, you will receive information about how to view it online.

Incoming transfer students:

Shortly after paying your enrollment deposit, you will be invited to a new transfer advisement and registration session, coordinated by Nazareth's Academic Advisement Center. At the session, you will meet with a faculty advisor from your major program to register for your fall classes. 

Placement Tests

Foreign Language

  • Some first-year students who will take courses in French, Italian, and Spanish must take a 20-minute online placement test. We will notify you by email if you need to take this test. You must set up an account with TrueNorth to take the test. Complete it by mid-May.
  • Transfer students and freshmen planning to take courses in other languages will be placed into the appropriate level based on the courses you took in high school.

Chemistry (CHM.Q 140 / Chemistry Readiness Exam)

For details: Chemistry & Biochemistry Department CHM.Q 140 Eligibility Information.

Common Questions from Incoming First-Year Students

What degree requirements will my fall courses fulfill?
How many credits will I take in my first semester?
When is my fall course schedule final?
I've taken some college courses already. How do the credits transfer?
I've taken some AP/IB/CLEP courses. When will I know if I got credit for them?
What if there is a problem with my schedule?
Who is my academic advisor?
How should I arrange for accommodations for a disability?