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Italy is one of the culinary centers of the world. Each of its great cities has its own exciting and colorful cuisine. In this class, our chef will lead a hands on experience in preparing some of the regional cuisines that have made the Italian kitchen justly famous. Sample and learn how to make traditional recipes as you would in an Italian home. Buon Appetito!


Robert Calcagno, DDS, is a native of Rochester with family ties to Valguarnera, Sicily. Although he has taken classes at the Institute of Culinary Arts, he has learned primarily from cooking with his mother as a child and by teaching himself through family recipes.

Upcoming Class

Tuesday, September 28th, 6pm

MenuOlive Tapenade, Cannellini con Tonno, Penne con Salsa di Pomodoro Piccante, Pollo alla Cacciatora, Pesche Mascarpone


Members:  $40 per class

Non-members:  $45 per class

*Cost is subject to change based on menu*


Call Casa Italiana at 389-2468.

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Cooking Class Recipes

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