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Counseling Services 2020-21

Key Things to Do

  • If you already have a counselor and would like to set up a Zoom session, you can email them (contact us), or call our front desk at 585-389-2500.
  • If you have not been seen by a Nazareth therapist in the past year and are looking to set up an appointment, you may set one up through the Patient Health Portal
  • Sign up for a drop-in Let’s Talk session or for one of our groups:


Support for BIPOC Men and Women
Unmasking Whiteness
Anxiety Toolbox

Key Things To Know

  • If you are struggling with anxiety, irritability, sleeplessness, depression, motivation, or focus/concentration, please know that you are not alone. The effects of this pandemic on mental health are profound. We are here for you.
  • Nazareth’s Counseling Services' full services and support are available in a format that reduces your exposure while maintaining your confidentiality.
  • Individual sessions will be conducted via Zoom.
  • Group therapy services and special workshops will also be conducted via Zoom, and publicized on our website’s Events calendar and in the Nazareth Mobile App Events.


What services are available?

We offer short-term, solution-focused mental health treatment. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all services are via Zoom, including:

  • intake and evaluation
  • workshops and group counseling (see GROUPS schedule below)
  • limited short-term individual counseling as appropriate and determined during intake visit
  • psycho-pharmacological evaluation and medication management (after referral from a counselor)
  • crisis intervention services
  • referral to off-campus clinicians for specialized and/or long term/intensive treatment
  • outreach and consultation
  • psycho-educational programming

All students are eligible for an initial consultation with a Counseling Services therapist. Based on that conversation, the clinician and student will work together to find a course of action that best suits the student's needs. Options include but are not limited to skill-building workshops, theme-based groups (such as stress management, building healthy relationships, time management), and limited short-term individual counseling.

For needs outside our scope of practice, or if you may benefit from longer-term therapy, you may be referred to an off-campus partner.

We are staffed by four licensed mental health clinicians and a part-time psychiatric nurse practitioner.

How does Zoom counseling work?

Individual sessions are conducted over encrypted Zoom software. They are not recorded, and all clinicians conduct them from a private location. Other than the fact that you and the clinician are speaking through a computer screen, everything is the same as an in-person session.

What if I can’t find a private space in my room to do a therapy session?

We will have multiple “Zoom rooms” available to reserve on campus. You can bring your laptop, sign in, and know that you will be the only person using that room for the duration of your session. For students who do not have access to a computer or laptop, one will be available in the room. Information about reserving the room will be provided in your appointment confirmation email.

Are there any options that allow me to see a counselor face-to-face?

Right now, the plan is for all visits to take place over Zoom. If there are any COVID-19-related developments that make it safer for visits to happen in person, we will change our plans accordingly. If there is some other reason you do not feel comfortable meeting with a clinician over Zoom, we are able to refer you to several excellent providers in the community who take insurance and are seeing students in person. Please email if you are interested in a referral.

What if I want to join a group or workshop, but worry about other people knowing I’m there?

This is a question that comes up a lot. One of the wonderful things about joining a mental health-related group workshop is that it can help you feel less alone by knowing that others are going through similar experiences. But this can be scary! If you want to try out a group or workshop anonymously, you can turn off our video on Zoom and change your display name, ensuring your privacy.

Please see the group schedule above.

What if I’m experiencing a mental health crisis?

  • If you experience a crisis during business hours (Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm), please call Health & Counseling at 585-389-2500 to be connected with the clinician on duty. If you need urgent help and are on campus, call Campus Safety at 585-389-2850, or 911 if you are off campus. 
  • If you are experiencing a crisis outside of business hours, and you are on campus, please call Campus Safety at 585-389-2850
  • Off campus: Call Mobile Crisis, 585-275-5151 or 911.
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