Center for International Education


Be one of two students selected for our short-term summer internship program in Los Ángeles De Chile. It will provide you first-hand experience in research and shadowing hours, while exposing you to a new culture and language in the preparation for Medical School.

Program Highlights:

  • Spend one to three months abroad at the Universidad de Concepción, Los Ángeles campus in Chile shadowing and observing medical procedures with licensed Chilean physicians.
  • Be immersed with the Chilean culture by teaching students English in a classroom setting, while learning Spanish.
  • Interact with bilingual doctors and experience different techniques within their practice.
  • Dorm with Chilean students to enrich your exposure to the culture's customs and people during your stay. 

Program Details

Application Deadlines
Travel Documents

At A Glance

(S): SPARK-Eligible

Semester: Summer A

Program Level: Undergraduate

Program Type: Internship

Major(s): Pre-Health

Language Requirements: Intermediate Spanish

Cumulative GPA Requirement: 3.0