Residential Life

Policies and Procedures

The College and residence hall policies, rules, and regulations (as outlined in the Undergraduate Student Handbook's Residential Life Policies, the room contract, and this publication) should be interpreted broadly. These policies are not meant to define misconduct in exhaustive detail. Residents are expected to acquaint themselves with the information in all official college publications and to govern themselves accordingly. We have chosen to briefly outline selected policies and procedures here for your convenience. Please refer to the aforementioned publications for more details. If you have questions, please direct them to your AD or your RA.


Fire Safety
Hall Closings
Lost Keys
Personal Safety
Room Changes
Room Entry
Room Lottery


Alcohol & Other Drugs
Break Housing
Cinder Blocks and Lofts
Curtains & Tapestries
Electrical Appliances
Financial Responsibility
Firearms, Explosives, Incendiary Materials, Etc.
Furniture & Furniture Storage
Guest and Visitation Policy
Keys for your Room
Noise: Courtesy Hours & Quiet Hours
Posting Material
Residency Requirement
Residency Restrictions
Room Assignments
Room Condition
Room Decoration
Room Vacancies
Sports in Halls
Termination of Residency

All rules and regulations are designed to encourage conduct that enhances student growth and development. Our ultimate goal is to maintain a safe, functioning, productive, communal atmosphere in the residence halls. Residents are responsible for following the Nazareth College Code of Student Conduct and other official college publications. Infractions are subject to disciplinary action, which can range from administrative warning to expulsion from the College.