Event Planning Timeline

General Guidelines While Planning
  • Be flexible
  • Meet with Student Engagement & Leadership staff to discuss problems or questions
  • Hold regular meetings with your advisor and members to keep everyone updated on the details of your event
Two Months Prior to Event
  • If additional funds are needed, explore funding options and submit any necessary proposals or applications
    • Senate
    • Diversity Council
    • Co-sponsor with another club/department
    • FUSE
One Month Prior to Event
  • Meet with the Office of Student Engagement & Leadership to request any necessary contracts
  • Reserve any space(s) needed for the event
  • Discuss food options with Naz Dining /research off-campus options
  • Create a marketing plan for the event
  • Arrange for travel accommodations (book hotel, flight, etc.) if necessary
  • Recruit volunteers
Two Weeks Prior to Event
  • Stay in communication with Student Engagement & Leadership staff to ensure contract is fully executed
  • Start marketing your event
  • Submit all payment requests and financial forms
  • Place catering order
  • Purchase necessary supplies
  • Request technology/media equipment from Technology and Media Services
  • Make transportation arrangements if necessary
  • Delegate responsibilities to club members/volunteers
One Week Prior to Event
  • Create a timeline for the day of the event (what will happen and when, who is responsible for each task, etc)
  • Confirm room reservation, room set up, and Facilities needs (additional tables, chairs, trash cans, etc)
  • Confirm technical needs and arrangements
  • Confirm catering order
  • Confirm transportation and travel accommodations
  • Check on payment for guest speaker, performer, and venue rental
Day of Event
  • Arrive early to the venue to begin set up and go over last minute details and changes
  • Introduce yourself to the performer/guest speaker and take time to welcome them to the event
  • Have fun and be proud! All your hard work and planning has guaranteed you a great event
After the Event
  • Make sure the venue looks presentable when you leave; pick up any trash, move furniture back to its original location
  • Reflect on successes and growth-points for your organization and its members and send thank you notes