Officer & Club Transition Guide

General Information

Newly Elected Members

Once new officers have been elected, your club should submit this information to the UA using this form. Please make sure you include first and last name, position, and email address. You should also indicate which member will be acting as your summer contact.

Advisor as Historian

In many ways, your advisor is the "keeper" of your organization's history, especially if our organization has had the same advisor for a few years. Take advantage of this expertise and ask your advisor to share your club's history with new officers.

End of Year Reflections

As outgoing officers you can write an end-of-year reflection that can be given to the person taking over their position. Potential topics to address include describing what went well during their term, what unfinished business still needs to be addressed, and what campus resources were the most useful. You can also refer to the guiding questions in the transition meeting guide.

Transition Binder

Transition binders are a great way to share important documents and information with new officers. Outgoing officers can include their end-of-year reflection, budget information, checklists, notes, meeting minutes, and any other paperwork that may be needed by a new officer. It is important to include information both on how the club has functioned during COVID, as well as pre-COVID. A Google drive folder on your club email account is a great way to keep all of your information accessible for future officers. Be sure to share the folder with the new officers so that everyone has access to the information.