Teaching & Learning Technologies

Essentials Workshop in Online/Hybrid Instruction for Faculty

This 6-week online course introduces best practices in online and hybrid course design and allows faculty to experience the student's perspective.

  • Facilitated by the instructional designer
  • Requires approximately 4-6 hours of work per week
  • Requires dean approval
  • Participants who successfully complete the Essentials Course, as well as teach their online or hybrid course, receive a one-time $1,800 stipend, awarded in two parts

Apply online to indicate interest in the next Essentials Workshop. Your application will be forwarded to your dean for approval. Priority is given to faculty developing online/hybrid courses for the semester following the workshop.

Stipend Details

Part I ($300) will be awarded once you successfully complete the Essentials course. Completion is defined as participation in all course activities and the design of a practice course shell that includes at least 3 developed modules.

Part II ($1,500) will be awarded once you successfully teach your first online or hybrid course that you began developing during Essentials. The course will undergo review to qualify for stipend approval.

The course will be reviewed by:

  1. Instructional designer using a modified version of the OSCQR rubric
  2. Electronic survey to measure student perception of the effectiveness of technology used in the online/hybrid course