Academic Advisement


Starfish has replaced our former course progress alert system.  Starfish is an automated early alert  system that allows us to better communicate with students, advisors and support offices about student concerns.  As an instructor, you can create a flag or kudo for any of your students at any time.  This is done through the “My Students” tab on the “Students” screen.  If you "raise a flag" to indicate that a student has a problem, the student will be notified directly via email informing them of the concern and what they should do about it.  If you “add a kudo” for a student, an email will be sent to the student commending them on their work.  Depending on the type flag or kudo raised, advisors and other support offices may also be notified. 


To raise a flag or add a kudo for a student, click on the Starfish link below.  Log in using your MyNaz username and password.

Click here to access Starfish!

Click here to learn more about Starfish!