Residential Life

Kearney Hall

Kearney Hall is located on the south east side of campus. This contemporary, corridor-style residence hall is home mostly to first-year men and women. Kearney has 138 rooms for about 254 students. A large first-floor lounge and study room, a community kitchen, and Kearney Dining Hall all combine to make living comfortable and convenient.

All Kearney rooms have space-saving closets and chests of drawers built into the walls. Every room window in our residence halls has window blinds. 

All of the corridors and lounge spaces have been remodeled to provide a warm social atmosphere. A sand volleyball court just east of the building makes Kearney a popular gathering spot for outdoor activities.

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Quick Info

Location: South Central Campus

Population: 254

Room Dimensions:

  • Double: 14'3" x 10'7"
  • Single: 14'3" x 9'7"

Window Dimensions:

  • Double: 36" x 50"
  • Single: 48" x 54"

Automatic sprinklers are NOT installed in this building.

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