School of Business and Leadership

What is your passion when it comes to teaching? 

My philosophy for teaching has always been a mix of theory and application. I think both are important as students need to understand the why behind what they are learning alongside the what. While I think learning from business professionals is an amazing approach, it should be supplemented with other ways of thinking and doing. The critical thinking that takes place in a college is a skill that is really unique. We can learn poorly, learn bad ideas, or not understand how to learn well. This is where a college degree can be invaluable for students. You get to learn from people who have dedicated their lives to the practice and have been trained to not be seduced by fad concept trends but instead look at the science behind what they teach. My teaching in leadership has been cultivated by years of my own critical thinking about leadership and my own research.

What are your favorite courses and why?

My favorite courses are leadership courses because I get to pull people out of their comfort zone. I think it is exciting to be a part of student's growth and development at whatever stage they are in. 

Why did you choose to teach at Nazareth?

Faculty members here really get to teach what they love and are not bound to teach in any particular style or method. The academic freedom instructors get at Naz allows students to learn in so many different ways. In other colleges, there might be one method/philosophy of teaching, which I think works well for some disciplines but not great for others.  

"We become what we do"

Education is one of the best investments you will make in your life. I try my best to prepare my students for their careers. But one of the most important things I want to impart to them is to think about who they want to become while learning, while working, and while living life. If they can think about who are they and who they will become if they chose one decision over another, one job over another, or one career path over another, then it will cut through some of the noise in life. I want them to think about how this will impact who they will become, because we become what we do.  

What would students be surprised to learn?

I would say that I am somewhat of an amateur chef and baker. I made my mother’s wedding cake which was a three tier chiffon almond cake with butter cream frosting. I made the almond flour myself and learned to pipe flowers. It took me about three days to complete, but it turned out beautifully. It was one of the most delicious cakes I’ve ever had, if I do say so myself. 

What are you particularly proud of?

I recently won a SSHRC grant worth $152,000 for my research. SSHRC is the biggest grant you can receive in Canada for social sciences. This was a huge achievement in my career and I’m so proud of the work me and my colleagues put in.

What could students do now to best prepare for working in your discipline/field? 

Read a lot and be curious. It’s a career where you are constantly learning and it really never stops. So if you enjoy being in an academic environment, it may be the career for you.