My dream job

My students often explain they don't have a dream job in mind. "Not to worry," I assure them. "It took 32 years to find my dream job." Before becoming a professor in 2010, I circled the globe as a successful executive for two corporations. No multi-million-dollar deal comes close to seeing a student's eyes light up when they solve a difficult problem. The most exotic locations don't match the satisfaction of reducing a student's anxiety just by listening.

Courses I teach

  • International Business & Economics
  • Leading Innovation
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Principles of Sales
  • Product Management

Empathy in business

One of my favorite courses is International Business & Economics because it synchronizes business, economics, and culture at the global level. While we cover exporting, international trade skills, and currency, students also learn cultural empathy—the importance of showing respect for different country traders. Respect leads to confidence. Confidence leads to long-term relationships.

Why Naz?

I love it here because small class sizes make it easy to connect with students. Colleagues root for each other here. And Nazareth values experiential learning, from internships to service to civic engagement.

The power of diversity

My students understand diverse teams are more creative, productive, and overall more successful than homogeneous teams. Multicultural teams better understand the big picture internationally. They're more alert and empathetic to consumers across different cultures and subcultures.

Connecting beyond class

I encourage students to start building their business network right now. By bringing in executives to speak to our Marketing Club. By joining our spring agency crawl, where we visit several ad agencies. And by internships with non-profit organizations like Coffee Connections that immerse them in both the community and worthy causes.

Cultivating changemakers

The status quo is comforting but fleeting. Technology, economics, and culture are constantly evolving. Leaders must not only adapt, but they must also be changemakers. For instance, in my Project Management course, students learn to incorporate new processes, services, and products to drive change.

"An Exceptional Mentor"

"Mark is the type of professor that students seek out. His teaching style combines real-world scenarios with textbook definitions, with all class projects based on actual businesses and products. He definitely engages the student in learning. Mark's teaching style also allows his students to get to know him on a personal level. He has an open-door policy where students can come to him for help on classwork and advice. He has great insight to the business world and he has extensive resources that he is willing to call upon for the benefit of his students. Mark is not only a professor who brings a lot more to the classroom than just teaching, he is also an exceptional mentor to all his students."

— Elise Maryanopolis '12, account manager at Brand Networks

Mark Weber

"I am a lifelong learner from books, podcasts, Coursera, and from my students."

Fast Facts

3 Honors: 2018 Nazareth College Mentor Award, 2018 Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society and 2021 Life Work Champion

2 TED Talks: TEDx Speaker in 2022 and 2023

25 countries in which Weber managed teams and negotiated contracts.

"Very Effective"

"Mark is a very knowledgeable professor who incorporates his real-life experiences into the courses in order to expand his students' learning. He makes very effective use of class time by varying the agenda with progressive mediums that go beyond the textbook, such as current events, debates, YouTube, and other videos. Mark is very personable, and he always makes himself available to his students outside the classroom."

— Max Powell '12, a staffing specialist at Gorbel, had Prof. Weber for Managerial Economics and Cross-cultural Management

"A Smile on His Face"

"Mark persistently provided me and my fellow Consumer Behavior classmates with the latest marketing advancements made to the industry. There was never a time when Mark didn't have a smile on his face paired with kind words of wisdom. After endless office visits — whether it was regarding schoolwork or just to say hello — Mark was always there to help me achieve my goals."

— Jaclyn Richards '15, a client specialist trainee at Cook Maran & Associates

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