What's your academic passion?

People and what they bring to the workplace — nothing else has as much of an impact on what we do and how successful we are.

How do you make management and human resources relatable?

I'll never pass up a chance to use a pop culture reference to teach a concept. Stories and characters make for great relatable sources. The Breakfast Club, Game of Thrones, Mad Men, Ellen, Star Wars, and The Office have all been used during class time.

Why should we learn about human resources?

What could be better than being able to inspire, engage, and motivate those around you? Most students will have at least some degree of HR responsibility in their future working lives, regardless of their chosen career or field, because HR is fundamentally about dealing with people in organizations and we all have to do that. HR responsibilities require people skills, but also analytical and planning skills, creative thinking, communication, and even numerical skill and financial knowledge. Regardless of your major, think about how you will get the best out of those you work with by leveraging the skills and competencies you develop during your time at Naz.

Has the field changed much?

My doctoral research focused on psychological contracts in virtual teams, which, when I began the work in 2002, was a pretty new and exciting area. Fast forward to today, when smartphones and social media are the air we breathe! But it's the relationships that people build using the technology that still fascinates me.

Why do students like to learn from you?

The English accent probably helps! I was first in my family to get a degree and I worked a variety of jobs at entry level (or close to) before I made the move to academia. I've come a long way from where I started in every respect. I've been teaching at Nazareth since 2010, and I try to use my experiences to make the content and delivery of my courses as accessible as I can.

What's your teaching philosophy/style?

I want my students to have fun as they're learning, and I want them to ask questions. There are few absolutes when it comes to managing people. I want my students to feel they have the tools they need to remain reflexive, reflective, and proactive.

Favorite course to teach?

I teach Organization and Management, Introduction to Human Resource Management at undergraduate and graduate levels, and the Advanced Seminar in HRM – the capstone course for our master's in human resource management students. In that course I interact with each of my students individually on a project that has relevance and meaning for them and I learn as much as I teach in those 15 weeks.

At the undergraduate level my favorite course is Applications in HRM — based on what is happening right now in the wonderful world of human resource management. We look at trends and topics like social media, work design, #MeToo and #TimesUp and the role of HR in business strategy.

What stands out to you about Nazareth?

Coming to Naz early in my teaching career was the best decision I ever made and I've learned so much from my colleagues and students over the years. Naz faculty and staff really do care about the student experience — and everything we do is geared to that. Naz students are the best. They are here to work hard and have fun and they completely understand the importance of their role in creating the right learning environment.

Rose Hair

Dr. Rose Hair with terracotta warriors, the eighth wonder of the world, on display in Xi'an, China, during a Nazareth China trip May 2017 that included four students and two faculty from Nazareth's School of Business and Leadership. "We got to experience many different aspects of China to understand more fully why and how it has emerged as a global power. I watched all of our students develop their cultural and self-awareness during the trip, which says a lot about the way in which the trip is designed as well as the students who participated. I'd highly recommend that students try to include a study-abroad experience during their time at Naz."

Fun facts

  • My undergraduate degree is in history of art and design.
  • I didn't take the path that I am on now until I was in my 30s.
  • I'm a huge Star Wars and David Bowie fan.

Student perspective

"Rose is a leader in the human resources field and Nazareth College is fortunate to have such a high caliber professor with the experience and perspective that she brings to the table. Not only does she provide HR students with great industry specific knowledge, but she puts the extra time and effort to get to know her students, which is a testament to her character and dedication to Nazareth College."
— Brad Ford '18, senior equity compensation analyst at Constellation Brands

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