Students need real experiences and challenges

"I work with small startup companies each semester to develop their marketing strategy. These companies are great because they are learning and growing along with the students. As part of their class work, students research and design digital strategies for these companies and help them launch their brands. I also require my students to get certified in digital advertising and analytics. I like giving students access to real clients with real business problems. It means they might not succeed in their first attempt to formulate a plan, but they learn and grow from these challenges. Life will always provide challenges, and we need leaders who can view those challenges as opportunities."

I am a Naz grad!

"I loved the liberal arts experience at Naz! It gave me a chance to hone in on my critical thinking skills and also taught me to be a lifelong learner. As you'll learn, marketing trends are constantly evolving. Being able to draw on critical thinking and learning skills are especially important for your growth as future leaders."

How I run my classes

"Coursework should be fun and educational. I bring a lot of humor and pragmatism to each class discussion. In addition to experiential learning, I try to incorporate case studies and practical examples from my professional experience in marketing; students like the real-world application."

My passions: human-centered tech and the consumer experience

"What I love about digital marketing is the ability to observe consumer behavior in real time — and then make adjustments to suit their needs. Consumers can pinpoint what they are looking for and a company or brand can design an experience to meet their needs. For example, I worked with a client to promote their non-allergen and non-GMO food products. The company donates some of their profits to homeless food pantries. We researched ways to align their message of social responsibility with consumers who were looking for this type of experience. It's more than the bottom line. There's real power in connecting people online and promoting values and ethics."

Why Naz?

"Leadership is a focus of Nazareth's School of Business and Leadership and an important part of any organization. We're fortunate to have classes that are relatively small and encourage interpersonal communication. Our students have the ability to team up and work in groups as a result. We challenge them to think strategically and find ways to verbalize their thoughts in a constructive and inclusive manner."

Bryan Adams in classroom with Naz students

Students say:

"In place of some exams, Professor Adams graded our scores on Google Ads assessments, which allowed the class to receive certifications that we could use in our careers as digital marketers. Having this experience helped me when applying for jobs, and I was able to easily find a job in digital marketing after graduating."
Kiernan Proud '18, who majored in marketing and immediately found work in his field, soon moved up to senior website marketing specialist at Discover Financial Services.

"Bryan was able to help us go beyond learning and actually apply what we were doing. The hands-on experience is what helped me prepare for my job as a digital marketer. What I began learning in Bryan's classes are a huge part of what I do at my current job. I would not have been able to do my job as well without what he taught and how he taught."
Marissa Tortora '19, who majored in business management and marketing, was quickly hired as a digital marketing specialist at Paychex.

Fun fact

"I love to perform with an improv group at Comedy at Carlson, next to Radio Social."

Faculty Spotlights

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