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"The power of compound interest has fascinated me since my first finance course." — Chauncey Joyce

Why finance?

I’m so passionate about finance because it is all about value creation. The field strives to add value to shareholders, stakeholders, portfolios, retirement plans, and more. For value to be created, we need to offer more than our costs. We can do that in the context of corporate investments, investments into stocks and bonds, and even in our personal daily lives — by striving to add more to the world than we take in.

The power of compound interest has fascinated me since my first finance course with Professor Rich Curtis at Cornell University.

Finance and investing provide plenty of opportunity for lifelong learning. I’ve looked up to my Grandfather — Papa Don Barrett — for his ability to formulate worldly wisdom through great daily habits, including the habitual reading of the Wall Street Journal.

I continually learn from my favorite investors through their public filings, interviews, memos, and letters to shareholders.

Why teach?

After working in industry for six years in the finance & accounting department at The Procter & Gamble Company, it became clear to me that teaching and helping others were the most important things to me. My passion was reaffirmed when one of my investment icons, Charlie Munger, said, "The best thing a human being can do is to help another human being know more."

Chauncey Joyce with Global Flyer Investment Fund

Chauncey Joyce (far left) with students in the Global Flyer Investment Fund.

Linking learning and real-world examples

I love to bring articles — from the Wall Street Journal especially — and interviews into the classroom. Occasionally, I have industry experts either call into classes or come in to present. It is good to bridge the gap between theory and practice, between textbook and real-world.

Favorite courses to teach

Corporate Finance, Investments, and Special Topics in Finance.

Why Naz? 

Nazareth College, and the School of Business and Leadership more specifically, is focused on student success with a hands-on approach. Nazareth offers an ideal environment for effective learning; connections are built as students work through challenging material.

Students say

In course evaluations and on Rate My Professor, students have written:

  • “Professor Joyce is one of the best professors I’ve had so far. You can immediately tell he loves his job and he really cares about his students and seeing them succeed. He makes a subject like finance enjoyable and easy to understand.”
  • “I loved Chauncey’s style of lecturing. His passion and experience for the topic of finance shows every day, and he is always willing to go above and beyond in making sure students are comfortable with the material he is teaching.”
  • “Prof CJ's enthusiasm/love of the subject matter is contagious. CJ goes above and beyond what is required and it is evident how much thought/care goes into each lecture.”  

Professional experience

Before teaching at Nazareth, University of Cincinnati, Ohio University, and University of Miami, I was a financial analyst and senior forecaster for Procter & Gamble.


To best prepare for a career in finance, work hard, read a lot, and learn the best from what others have already mastered.

Chauncey Joyce on bike

Fun fact

Outside of education, I enjoy spending time with my wife and daughter as well as cycling around the Greater Rochester region.

Student View

"The dedication from the professors was unmatched.... The investments course with Chauncey Joyce was one of the most beneficial to what I do now. He set the bar high and provided us with a fantastic opportunity to apply our knowledge as we progressed through each lesson. He was always there to help and dedicated much of his time to making sure the material was well understood before moving forward. Without his semester-long project, I don't believe I would have been nearly as prepared for the Series 65 exam required by my employer or my day-to-day trading responsibilities."

— Zachary Mullally '21 (finance), hired by Cobblestone Capital Advisors as a portfolio management associate

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