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Tuition Remission Benefits

Tuition Remission for Faculty/Staff Taking Courses at Nazareth

Process to Apply for Tuition Remission
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Tuition Remission for Spouse and/or Dependents Taking Courses at Nazareth

Process to Apply for Tuition Remission
Study Abroad Programs
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Tuition Remission for Employee/Dependents taking Courses at St. John Fisher

Process to Apply for Tuition Remission

Tuition Exchange Program

For Dependent Children of Full Time Faculty & Staff

  • The Tuition Exchange (TE) program is a competitive program that allows the opportunity for the dependent children of full time faculty/staff members to compete for scholarships valued up to full tuition at over 650 colleges and universities.
  • Employees must have at least five years of current full time service (prior service does not apply) in order to be eligible for the TE program. Part-time employees are not eligible.
  • TE scholarships are for full-time undergraduate study and is limited to eight semesters. 
  • Due of the competitive nature of the Program, and because each participating institution may differ in its administration of Tuition Exchange, this should not be anticipated as a guaranteed benefit.  Program information is available at the web site:
  • For an application to complete as a Nazareth College exported student or further details, contact the Financial Aid Office.

Deadline for Tuition Remission Forms

Fall 2020 - Tuition waivers and dependency verification is due to Human Resources by July 8, 2020.

Nazareth Tuition Remission Waiver

Tuition Remission

  • Tuition remission is defined as tuition only, and does not include fees, private music lessons, study abroad expenses, workshops or room and board. 
  • Credit-bearing group music lessons are allowed under tuition remission, but fees are not included.These lessons are on a space-available basis for staff and dependents, which will be determined at least three days prior to the course start date.
  • Independent study courses are not eligible for tuition remission.