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  • Strategic Talent Development & Coaching
  • People Analytics

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Strong Internships make Strong Alumni

Extensive connections to actively engaged alumni and other business leaders provide opportunities to network that can lead to internships and full-time employment.

See outcomes for Nazareth's latest undergraduate class.

Bryan Adams '04, '09G, Merica Whitehall (onscreen), Seattle startup leader, Tanner Crisafulli '22

Tanner Crisafulli '22

Advancing Health: Marketing internship aids equity-minded fitness startup.

Tanner Crisafulli ’22 knew the next step for Merica Whitehall, Xena Fitness & Training and the foundation was "SEO,” or search engine optimization.

Leanna Restani '22

Leanna Restani '22

For-credit accounting internship with Deloitte

Naz SPARK Grant made it possible for Leanna Restani '22 to pursue an accounting internship that also tied into her minors in analytics and psychology.

Alex Gent '25 SEM DC United internship

Alex Gent '25

D.C. United summer intern works on MLS All-Star Game.

"Management is everywhere"

Alex Gent '25, a soccer athlete, chose his major [Sports, Entertainment, and Arts Management] because he loves sports and wants a career that he'll love.

Joseph Porter

Joseph Porter, Jr., Associate Dean

Dr. Porter has experience teaching college courses and directing an academic program, on top of a 20-year career at International Business Machines (IBM). At IBM, he held numerous management and other leadership positions, culminating in being a program manager in corporate technology for global university programs. He worked with numerous international partners in Saudi Arabia, India, the UK, Mexico, Japan, the Czech Republic, and other locations around the world.

Dr. Porter spearheaded two TEDxNazarethUniversity events. Joining the School of Business faculty in September 2020, he has taught undergraduate and graduate, specializing in data and analytics, is the program director for the Global Business and Leadership graduate program, and he has created new and served on committees dedicated to improving student experience on campus.

Dr. Porter holds a bachelor's degree in economics and an MBA from SUNY Binghamton, a master's in engineering from the Wharton School of Business at U. Penn, a master's of professional studies from Cornell University, and a doctorate of professional studies in computing from Pace University. He also holds certificates from George Washington, Stanford, IBM, and Google.

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As the School of Business and Leadership, we serve our students and community by developing virtuous, innovative, transformative, and agile leaders.

V – Virtuous Leaders practice and develop compassion, courage, authenticity, and wisdom to benefit others and promote the common good.

I – Innovative leaders recognize emerging trends, inspire new ideas, and develop opportunities resulting in sustainable competitive advantage.

T – Transformational leaders seek positive change (reinvention, adaptation, enrichment) for individuals, teams, organizations, communities, and the world.

A – Agile leaders create environments where individuals and self-directed teams are constantly adding value and adapting to changing business demands.

L – Leadership encompasses virtue, innovation, transformation, and agility.


We serve our students through excellence in teaching which cultivates deep business knowledge and skills through experiential education, global learning, and employability in the workforce.

We serve our students by developing close relationships through mentorship, small classes, academic advisement, career coaching, and field experiences.

We serve our students and community through unique and specialized programs, grounded in a strong liberal arts foundation, that meet the changing needs of business.

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College of Distinction: Business badge

Nazareth is among a select group of top colleges and universities across the country hand-picked to earn a Top Business Colleges of Distinction for its business degrees that are multidisciplinary in nature with practical experiences for students to engage the wider world of business.