School of Business and Leadership

2021-2022 High School Investment Challenge Winner

Shiven Chambial is a 17-year-old high school senior at Delhi Public School Gurgaon based out of Haryana in India. With an avid interest in enterprises, innovation, and economies, Shiven is set on a path to explore the intersection of finance, law, and entrepreneurship. In tandem with these interests, Shiven has served as an intern for Sierra Succession LLC and Hunniwell Lake Ventures, where he explored the fields of private equity and venture capital. Having a penchant for shaping policy, Shiven is the appointed President of the student council at his school, where he represents 6000+ students and ensures smooth cohesion between relevant stakeholders. He regularly participates in policy writing competitions, model United Nations conferences, and public debates.

"The competition provided me with a dynamic platform to leverage my experiences and knowledge in a safe and beneficial learning environment. It allowed me to think critically and test various self-developed investment strategies in a way consistent with realistic real-time investing. It gave me insight into the work undertaken by asset management professionals and allowed me to learn various new financial concepts such as options, corporate bonds, and diversification. The competition was a unique and holistic learning experience!"

In his spare time, Shiven loves to watch period dramas and space operas. Ultimately, he wishes to become a dynamic leader in a corporate or governmental setting.

Shiven Chambial