School of Business and Leadership

Leadership Fellows Program

Welcome to the reimagined SBL Leadership Fellows Program. Initially designed for SBL students who wished to enhance their leadership skills through collaborating with and learning from their peers and our faculty, we have decided to broaden our reach and welcome freshman from all academic programs at Naz to participate, discover, and broaden proven leadership competencies during the 2021-2022 academic year. In joining this program, freshmen across Naz will enhance their employability upon graduation and be well prepared for advancement in their future careers.

The reimagined Leadership Fellows Program will consist of eight leadership development modules that focus on specific leadership competencies that lead to outstanding performance:


Leading Teams and Collaboration

Goals and Action Management

Conflict Management and Negotiating

Relationship Building

Creative and Critical Thinking Skills

Influence and Communication

Peer Mentoring and Coaching

Two modules from the above list will be offered each semester, and students will be able to complete all eight modules within 2 years if taken consecutively. This allows transfer students to complete all eight modules while at Nazareth as well and offers more flexibility for our students to complete all eight modules during their undergraduate experiences. Every student who completes a session will receive a letter of attendance, and those students who complete all eight modules will receive a certificate and letter of completion of the Leadership Fellows Program from the School of Business and Leadership.

If you would like to enroll in any of the modules, please watch out for the schedule and location of each module on this page, and please contact Elizabeth Degnan ( for any additional information.


Andrew Gengler ’23, SBL Leadership Fellow

“This program has given me the ability to one, self-reflect, and two, learn more about how others see me as a leader. This program has also given me a new perspective on what a leader does and how to effectively lead others. I will also be able to focus on certain competencies that may be a weakness of mine and practice and improve upon them. I enjoy learning these skills and will apply them to many different situations throughout my life. Similarly ... this is a learning process that will go on forever and that I will take with me into my own professional career.”