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Health and human services models practiced in the United States are embedded in U.S. culture and social constructions. For today’s health and behavioral health practitioner, an understanding of global practice standards is critical. The influence of cultural understandings and the impact of those forces on individuals, families, organizations, the community and the wider societal context are integrated throughout the course.

Travel to Finland and study with Laurea University students in multiple settings and activities from building multisensory spaces to learning cafes, participating in a nature-based workshop and the annual World Village Festival.

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    At A Glance

    (S): SPARK-Eligible

    Term: Summer A

    Program Level: Undergraduate and Graduate

    Program Types: Academic (3-credits)

    Major(s): Open to all majors, but may be better suited for the following majors:

    • Nursing
    • Public Health
    • Social Work

    Language Requirement: None

    Cumulative GPA Requirement: 2.5