Travel to southern India, in the amazing state of Kerala, for a cultural and health and behavioral health community engaged experiential learning trip. Through the long term partnership with Rajagiri College, our group will visit two centers that work with differently abled people. We will function as a transdisciplinary team to provide services supporting their mission “that they may have life in all of its fullness”. 

During this credit bearing program during winter break, Nazareth students will explore the delivery of health and behavioral health from an international perspective, as such the course works to build cultural humility skills. 

This program will also include cultural and historical aspects, such as museum visits, visit to an Ayurveda hospital, visit to an elephant sanctuary, an overnight boat trip to the beautiful backwaters, a trip to the tea fields of Munar and engagement with a variety of religious practices in Kerala, known as “God’s own country”. The course and travel focuses on such values as
social justice, holistic wellbeing, human dignity, client empowerment, and integrity.

As the in country service involves engagement with real people in need of professional services, the trip is best suited for upper level students in the various heath and behavioral health majors and graduate students of the same.

Program Details

Program Dates

This program will run during the winter break intersession from January 3 - 18, 2024. Exact departure times are subject to change contingent on flight availability.

Program Itinerary

Below is a sample preliminary itinerary. The final in-depth itinerary will be published well in advance of departure.

Day 1: Overnight flight to India

Day 2: Arrival to Kochi, go to Rajagiri College of Social Sciences, check into the International Hostel

Day 3: Cultural trip to the old town of the City of Kochi: Vasco DiGamma Church, Chinese Fishing Nets, "Jew-Town" area

Day 4: Visit Elephant Sanctuary plus visits to various multi faith temples and churches

Day 5: Visit Rajagiri Hospital and SOS Children's Village

Day 6 & 7: Service work at KRIPA Center

Day 8, 9, & 10: Attend International Conference on "Multidisciplinary Approaches to Sustainable Development Goals"'

Day 11 & 12: Visit to Backwaters of Kerala

Day 13/14: Return flight to the US

Course Information

Course Information: 3 Credits - HHS 450 / 650 India

This 3 credit interprofessional course incorporates the program learning outcomes of all Health and Human Service programs. The course will provide students  direct learning in classroom at Nazareth and in the community in India during the travel. Students will be able to gain expertise in multicultural and global health and behavioral health services and the best practices aimed at promoting multicultural clients' overall wellbeing and empowerment.

Health and human services models practiced in the United States are embedded in U.S. culture and social constructions. For today’s health and behavioral health practitioner, an understanding of global practice standards is critical. The influence of cultural understandings and the impact of those forces on individuals, families, organizations, the community and the wider societal context are integrated throughout the course.

Please note, there will be three to four required pre-trip meetings that count towards the overall course participation. All students participating in this program are expected to attend. While these meetings will happen in the fall semester and a majority of the coursework will take place in-country during winter break, the course will show up on the student's transcript in the spring semester and will count towards their overall course load. Because of this, students will not be billed for this 3-credit course and would only be responsible for any course overload fees if they exceed the maximum of 19 credits in one semester.

Program Costs

Total: $3,150 before funding

  • Program Fee
  • Program activities, excursions, & entrance fees
  • All in-country transportation
  • On-site orientation
  • All accommodations
  • All meals
  • All international flights
  • Travel insurance
  • Course tuition (NOTE: Since this program takes place during the winter break, these three credits will be built into your Spring 2024 semester. Please keep in mind if you go over the maximum credits allowed for the spring semester, you may be responsible for paying a credit overload fee.)

Does NOT include:

  • Passport (apply for or renew your passport as soon as possible if you'd like to participate in this program. The current wait time for a passport is around 8-12 weeks.)
  • Meals/snacks not included in the itinerary
  • Miscellaneous expenses (souvenirs, spending money, etc.)

*Program costs are subject to change and exact pricing will be announced as soon as specific numbers become available.

Sources of Funding

SPARK-Eligible Students:

$3,150 - $1,500 scholarship = $1,650 final cost

Non-SPARK-Eligible & Grad Students:

$3,150 - $500 in CIE scholarship = $2,650 final cost

Since this program is credit-bearing, students who receive the Pell Grant will also be eligible to submit an application for the Gilman Scholarship, which would provide funding in addition to the funding above if selected to receive an award.

SPARK Grant:

Qualifying freshman, sophomore, & transfer students can use their SPARK Grant for this short-term study abroad program.

Views from Abroad

    At A Glance

    Term: Winter Break 2024

    Program Level: Undergraduate & Graduate

    Program Types: Academic (3-credits)

    Major(s): This program is designed for social work majors. If there are spots remaining, preference will be given to the following majors:

    • Communication Sciences & Disorders
    • Nursing
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Physical Therapy
    • Public Health

    Language Requirement: None

    Minimum GPA Requirement: 2.5