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New Student FAQs

Who is orientation for?

All students who are new to Naz are encouraged to participate in the orientation program. This is your best opportunity to get to know the campus and meet your classmates, as well as many faculty and staff members. All meals are included.

Can I visit campus before orientation?

If you want to take a campus tour, see Admissions Visits & Events.

Who do I contact if I or my student is having difficulty transitioning to college?

Contact the Office of Student Success (OSS) or Health and Counseling depending on the need.

The OSS works to assist students in their academic, personal or social transition to the University. The staff helps students establish a plan for success by honing skills and utilizing appropriate academic and campus resources.

What services does the Office of Student Success provide?
  • Peer tutoring
  • Success coaching
  • Student advocacy and Self-Agency: assists students in navigating difficult situations that impact their ability to be successful
  • An early warning system for students experiencing difficulties
  • Connection to personal support services

We have resources for students, family, and supporters. If you have a question and don't know where to start, we will do our very best to assist you. Contact us at 585-389-2884 or 585-389-2885 for more information.

What happens if a student needs to go home unexpectedly?

Notify Office of Student Success immediately to communicate about a student's whereabouts. Students are also advised to stay in touch with faculty during an absence, via email or phone, so that they can continue to be aware of assignments, deadlines, and such.

If the absence turns into something long-term, the Student Success office can assist with a leave of absence from the College.

What is work-study and how do I know if I am eligible for it?

The federal work-study program is a form of need-based financial aid that subsidizes student wages. Many departments prefer to hire students who are eligible in order to take advantage of this subsidy and a few can only hire students who are eligible. 

Each student who is eligible for work-study employment is allocated a certain amount of money that may be earned as part of the program, but not exceeded. If you are eligible you will receive an e-mail message from the Center for Life’s Work that includes the amount of money you may earn and an estimate of how many hours per week you can work on average without exceeding the earnings limit. Eligibility for work-study does NOT guarantee you a job. You must apply and be accepted for an available position.

Work-study provides a paycheck every two weeks, based on the number of hours worked. Because students receive pay directly, work-study does not credit their term bill. See the Nazareth payroll page for the work-study pay rate.

If you are unsure whether federal work-study is part of your package, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 585-389-2310 or e-mail finaid@naz.edu.

See Federal Work Study program page for more information.

Are there opportunities for service experiences and connecting with the community?

Yes! There are a variety of community engagement opportunities ranging from campus jobs with impact to courses with community-engaged learning components to departmental, club and campus-wide advocacy and awareness activities. A great place to find out more is Nazareth's Weider Community Engagement office. Follow @nazcommunityengagement or contact communityengagement@naz.edu.

Are there religious services on campus?

There are options both on and off campus for people of diverse faiths and spirituality. See our Center for Spirituality.

What should I do if I need academic and accessibility related accommodations?
What to pack — and not pack?

Residential Life's incoming students' webpages include What to Bring »

Will I be able to balance my commitments (job, athletics, etc.) with my class load?

This answer is unique to each individual.  Consider consulting with campus experts such as coaches, advisors, faculty, and staff, who are all here to support you. 

Research has found a positive relation between academic achievement and working fewer than 20 hours per week on campus, but a negative relationship between academic achievement and working more than 20 hours per week. 

We generally don't advise more than 15 hours a week for part-time employment.

How do I know what events are happening around campus?

Download the Nazareth Mobile App. This free mobile app enables students to do many Nazareth tasks in a mobile-friendly format — and the Events section (where you can set preferences) helps you get involved and connected on campus.

What do I do if I want to change my schedule?

Email Advisement@naz.edu.

You can also visit the Academic Advisement Office (Smyth 2) during business hours to speak with an advisor.



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