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Commuting at Nazareth

Commuters are not always on campus, but are an important part of the community here at Nazareth. We strive to make it easy to stay connected to everything going on at Naz while also providing information, resources, and support that promote commuters' success.

Helpful Information

Commuter lounge
24-Hour computer lab
Clubs, organizations, intramurals, and recreation
Dining options
Emergency and weather closings
Events calendar
Fitness options
Game room
Lockers and showers
Reserved room
Security escort beeper
Student Wellness Center
Study spaces
Undergraduate Association (UA)
Other services for current students
Commuter Catch Up Dates
NCA Logo

NCA serves as a reminder that commuter students are a vital part of campus life. The group facilitates communication with commuters and encourages them to take part in the various campus activities offered to all students while addressing their specific needs.