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Our study abroad program in Chile takes you to Concepción, a port city best known for its quality universities and energetic arts and music scene. With its warm and welcoming people and its spectacular and diverse landscape, Chile is a popular place to study abroad.

Program Highlights:

  • Study abroad as a full-time student for up to one year at the Universidad de Concepción (UdeC), one of the top three universities in the country
  • Choose from disciplines such as biological and chemical sciences, education, humanities, and art.
  • UdeC is the headquarters for two multinational centers for research and training: The Biotechnology Center and the Marine Biological Station located in the Dichato Bay area. These centers produce outstanding scientific research with permanent national and international support.

Program Details

Application Deadlines
Costs and Financial Aid
Living Accommodations
Travel Visa and Other Documents


Kathleen Hansen

Kathleen Hansen

Assistant Director for Overseas Studies & Exchanges in Center for International Education
Golisano Academic Center 119

Celia Ramona Bradley '13

"I just cannot get over the gorgeous peaks and ridges of the Andes - and Chile is such a thin country that you can always see the ocean or the mountains on either side of you."

Student Blog
September 15th
Chile: Universidad De Concepcion Being a strong candidate for medical school is all about experience. This means years of research, copious amounts of job shadowing hours, and life altering adventures in order to make you seem interesting during the inter…
September 15th
ChileAs I sit here writing this paper, I am nostalgic of the trip that I was so fortunate to go on. During this short time period I was able to learn so much revolving around Chilean culture, traditions, the language and different dialects, as well as the…
March 6th
(Continuing from my last post on Conguilllío)The next day, I woke up at 4:30 to be ready for our 5:00 departure time. Had enough time to pack my breakfast and lunch before the jeep drove up. Jorge was kind enough to have brought me coffee for the h…
March 5th
This weekend, I took the bus from Concepcion to Curacautín - about another 6 hours to the south. Andrea and her family had highly recommended it to me when they found out I love hiking and mountaineering. It's known for its Araucaria (or monkey puz…