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International Social Work Program

Social work models practiced in the United States are embedded in U.S. culture and social constructions. Many international societies do not share these social constructions. For today's social worker, practicing abroad or in the U.S. with immigrant or refugee populations, an international lens is needed to be an effective practitioner. The course integrates the influence of cultural understandings and the impact of those forces on individuals, families, organizations, the community and the wider societal context.

View the Social Work in India Brochure for additional information.

Please note: This is a Greater Rochester Collaborative MSW Program (SWK 450/650) International Social Work course.

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Social Work in India

Glynis Jones '14

"This photo was snapped out of the bus window as we were leaving the fishing beaches of Kerala, India. It captures the depth and beauty of the culture, which was reflected even in the most unexpected of places."

Program Director

Jed Metzger

Jed Metzger

Associate Professor in Social Work
Smyth Hall 363A