UG Registration: Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to skip class if my registration time is at the same time as my class?
NazNet says I need to meet with my advisor before I can register, but I already did. What do I do now?
I failed a course (or did not get the minimum grade required) and need to retake it, but Naznet won’t let me register for it again. What do I do?
What if I want to register for a course as pass/fail?
Can I register for a course as an independent study or tutorial?
I am waitlisted for two sections of a course. I prefer section 01, but if a spot in 02 opens up, can I register for it and still be on the waitlist for section 01?
I’m only registered for 9 credits, and waitlisted for everything else that I need. What do I do so I can be registered for full time status?
I want to take another class, but NazNet won’t let me because I would be taking more than 19 credits. Who do I talk to about getting into this extra class?
When I go to register it says I have a limit of 10 or 13 credits. What does this mean?
I currently have a credit limit, but I’m not expecting to have one next semester. Why can’t I register for more than 13 credits?
I’ve been on leave, but I’m ready to come back to Nazareth. Who do I need to talk to so I can register?
How to I find PEQ's to fulfill the Core requirements?